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Monroe Fire Department
How to Report a Fire

To report a fire or other emergency in the City of Monroe, dial 911. If it is a fire, rescue, or other fire-related emergency, you may direct dial the Monroe Fire Department's direct emergency line at 318-322-5151.
"It has been reported that around 70-90% of all child safety seats have been installed incorrectly and can result in severe injury and death if not corrected."

The Monroe Fire Department can help you help your children by demonstrating to you and teaching you how to properly install your child safety seat.

In the November 2009, several Monroe firefighters were certified to be Child Passenger Safety Technicians through the Safe Kids Worldwide CPS certification program. With this, the Monroe Fire Department offers our citizens a free child safety seat evaluation at some of our fire stations. We can inspect your current car seat installation and teach you how to correctly install it, including more challenging installations requiring belt clips and retaining clips.

The following fire stations have personnel that are certified in child safety seat installation:
Station 2 1810 Martin Luther King (318) 329-2562
(318) 329-2474
Station 6 2221 Forsythe Avenue (318) 329-2566
It is strongly suggested to call the closest station and schedule a time to visit the station to insure an appropriately certified firefighter is on duty and to insure the apparatus will be in the station.

For more information, visit Safe Kids USA.
National CPS Certification
Always use a properly-sized and installed child safety seat to protect your child while traveling. Standard safety belts in most vehicles are designed to properly restrain adult-sized persons and are inadequate for infants and children. Placing your infant or child in a car with only the built-in standard safety belts will not protect them in the event of an impact or sudden stop.

The back seat is almost always the safest place for a child to ride. Infants under one year-old or under 20 pounds should be in a rear-facing seat in the back seat. Never place an infant in a forward-facing seat in the front seat. Children over one year-old and 20 pounds or more may ride in a forward-facing child safety seat or in a rear-facing convertible seat, if the child's weight is within the recommendations of the seat's manufacturer.

Here are some tips for properly securing your infant (0-1 year old or less than 20 pounds) in your vehicle:

For children older than infants, here are some tips for properly securing them while traveling.