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Code Enforcement
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Contact Information

Mrs. Catherine Robinson
Chief Code Enforcement Officer
City Hall Annex
3901 Jackson Street
P.O. Box 123
Monroe, LA 71210
(p) 318-329-2336

Stacy Newbill
(p) 318-329-2336

Karen Goree
Code Enf. Officer
(p) 318-329-2336

Hubert Murphy
Code Enf. Officer
(p) 318-329-2336

Daryll Berry
Code Enf. Officer
(p) 318-329-2336

Shanderic Downs
Code Enf. Officer
(p) 318-329-2336
"The mission of our Code Enforcement Division is to help make Monroe a healthy and productive city; we want to revitalize neighborhoods, stimulate growth and development, by enforcing the City of Monroe, State of Louisiana Codes and Ordinances."

Enforcement Summons

Code Enforcement Office investigates complaints from citizens, Monroe Police Department, Monroe Fire Departments and other similar agencies such as - Elderly Protective Services, Health Department, Home Health agencies, etc.

A summons is issued notifying property owner(s) of said violations and given instruction on how to meet compliance and when to appear in Environmental Court. Re-inspection is made if the property owner advises that they have met compliance or the day before their court appearance and if at anytime prior to the court date compliance has been met the case will be cleared and dismissed.

Environmental Court

The Code Enforecement Division holds Environmental Court Hearings once a month at 9:00am at Monroe City Hall in the Council Chambers. These hearings will be held on all cases that do not meet compliance within the allotted time frame given by the Code Enforcement Office.

Court Dates last Tuesday of Every Month located in the Monroe City Council's Chambers.


Code Enforcement Office sends a certified notice to the property owner which contains violations and orders the property owner to bring the property up to current City codes, secure it or demolish it within 30 days upon receipt of certified card.

A re-inspection occurs at the end of the 30 days to verify if the property meets compliance. If the property meets compliance the case is closed. If the property fails to meet compliance the case is forwarded to the City Attorneys Office for condemnation.

Demolition Grant

Federal assistance may be available to you for the removal of dilapidated structure(s). For more information, please contact our Community Development Division at 318-329-2256.

Condemnation Hearing

Condemnation hearings are held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday every month during the City Council meeting.