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2020 Vision Statement

Successful long-range planning can occur only if a community has a vision of what it aspires to be. The following vision statement reflects the citizens' overall desires for Monroe's future. The vision statement was developed from the input received at several public workshops and through other public methods. This vision statement summarizes the City's ideal future --- a future that focuses on preserving and enhancing the natural environment and quality of life that initially attracted the current residents.

2020 Vision for the City of Monroe
Monroe strives to be a unique and vibrant city recognized for its...
Throughout the Comprehensive Plan, the vision is translated into more specific goals, objectives, policies, and specific measures. The vision is the common thread that interconnects the Elements into one consistent Plan for the City's development through the year 2020.
Comprehensive Plan
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"The Comprehensive Plan is the document that sets the context for future growth and development in the City of Monroe. Required by state statutes that specify its overall content and structure, the Comprehensive Plan consists of a series of interrelated chapters, or elements, analyzing the community's future land use, transportation, parks and recreation, and other infrastructure and environmental issues, needs, challenges, and opportunities."

The Comprehensive Plan is important because it sets the overall policy context for future growth and development within our City. The Comprehensive Plan will address growth pressures, future public facilities and services needs, preservation of community character and natural resources, urban design and architectural standards, the fiscal impacts and responsibilities of new development, and other important issues affecting the quality of life and character of the city. Specifically, the Comprehensive Plan will include goals, objectives, and policies to:
Community Building Blocks

The CBBs are the specific strategies to be used in the Comprehensive Plan to help the City of Monroe achieve its vision. While the Vision Statement relates to the entire Comprehensive Plan, the CBBs are organized around specific function areas, such as economic development or transportation. The CBBs relate to each other and support the Vision Statement. The CBBs will be used to draft the goals, objectives, and policies for the new Comprehensive Plan.

Adopted Comprehensive Plan
Adopted April 6, 2004 (Ordinance No. 2004-08)
Last Amended June 17, 2008 (Ordinance No. 2008-10)

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Adobe PDFPDF Miscellaneous Maps & Charts
Adobe PDFPDF Table of Contents
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 1. Introduction
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 2. Foundation of the Future
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 3. The Future
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 4. Regional Context
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 5. Community Character
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 6. Land Use Patterns and Regulations
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 7. Housing
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 8. Economic Vitality
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 9. Environmental Resources
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 10. Transportation Network
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 11. Infrastructure and Utilities
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 12. Community Facilities and Services
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 13. Parks, Recreation and Open Space
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 14. Historic and Cultural Resources
Adobe PDFPDF Chapter 15. Public Input