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To report a fire or other emergency in the City of Monroe, dial 911. If it is a fire, rescue, or other fire-related emergency, you may direct dial the Monroe Fire Department's direct emergency line at 318-322-5151.
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Mission Statement

To Provide Quality Public Service, Public Education, and Professional Emergency Response

Vision Statement

To Continue as the Benchmark in Quality Service by Constantly Meeting the Community's Ever Changing Needs.

Organizational Values

We are Committed to Customer Service and Employee Development. We Place the Safety of our Members and Community Above Everything Else and are Continuously Exploring Innovative Means of Delivering Customer Service Beyond Expectations. We Foster Diversity, Accountability, Teamwork, Professionalism and Trust.

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Firefighters recall miracle rescue of boy buried in sand dune
2014-09-18 10:44:12

What they witnessed, they say, has ch.... Read More
Responders recall miracle rescue of boy buried in sand duneResponders recall miracle rescue of boy buried in sand dune
2014-09-18 10:33:39

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10-year-old fire hero applauded for quick thinking
2014-09-18 10:06:12

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Okla. man steals fire truck, crashes during police chase
2014-09-18 09:43:24

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Pa. man jailed after calling 911 'because he was lonely'
2014-09-18 09:43:20

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LODD: Volunteer firefighter dies of cardiac arrest
2014-09-18 09:37:31

Capt. Rudolph Peter Witton was on his way to a house fire with crew members when he .... Read More
Fla. woman charged for false report of medical emergency
2014-09-18 09:32:50

She claimed a man was violent and having a medical emergency from being on crack cocaine; she is also known fo.... Read More
Former Pa. asst. chief cleared of theft chargesFormer Pa. asst. chief cleared of theft charges
2014-09-18 09:15:33

Richard Sinko said it was nothing more than a "witch hunt" that led to charges that he stole more than $2,300 in cash and building products belo.... Read More
Fire chief: Department without rig for 2 days; no one in dangerFire chief: Department without rig for 2 days; no one in danger
2014-09-18 09:07:38

The department has been working closely with the mayor's office to get the depa.... Read More
Va. firefighter, police officer struck at crash scene
2014-09-18 08:43:15

The officer, firefighter and two other people were taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries that were not co.... Read More
FDNY: Hacker stole firefighters' pay, rerouted it to Russia
2014-09-18 08:23:21

The thief was able to exploit a computer virus to retrieve the firefighters’ names and passwords.... Read More
Miami firefighter found dead, colleagues mourn
2014-09-18 07:49:12

Officials responded to the scene after repor.... Read More
N.C. fire Capt. pinned between vehicles at crash scene
2014-09-18 07:22:31

One of the cars rolled unexpectedly and Capt. William Boggs' left leg was caught;.... Read More
Congress continues funding for child-saving EMS equipment
2014-09-18 03:00:00

The bill reauthorizes a program that helps EMS providers keep ready specific medicine and tools needed when t.... Read More
'Quick Cars' speed up Colo. EMS response
2014-09-18 03:00:00

The emergency-ready SUVs aim to free up ambulances and fire trucks for more serious calls, an.... Read More
Ky. EMS tests blood control clamp
2014-09-18 03:00:00

With hands-free pressure applied to the wound, medics expect faster control of oth.... Read More
Where to look for nongovernment EMS grants
2014-09-17 15:21:52

Private companies often have more flexibility for allocating funds, so don?t get stuck in the g.... Read More
Nurse pulls Calif. man with ALS from burning van
2014-09-17 13:18:14

Flames and smoke erupted from the car?s hood as the nurse wrestled the man from .... Read More
Firefighters help passenger on flight with medical emergency
2014-09-17 09:22:01

A firefighter and his two groomsmen, who are also firefighters, were on their way to Las Vegas for a bachelor party whe.... Read More
US military troops assigned to fight Ebola US military troops assigned to fight Ebola
2014-09-17 09:09:55

Obama ordered 3,000 military personnel to West Africa to help erec new treatment and isolation facilities, train health care workers and increase communications a.... Read More