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700 Wood Street
Monroe, LA 71201
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Monroe Police Department

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Our Mission Statement To Monroe

The Monroe Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality police service to those who live and work in the City of Monroe. We work in collaboration with the community and strive to maintain the utmost level of public safety with the goal of maintaining the quality of life expected within the City of Monroe. We provide our service with a commitment to cultivating the public trust by respecting individual rights and striving to be fair, just and responsive to the needs and feelings of our community.

Vision Statement

The Monroe Police Department will be on the forefront of the law enforcement profession by employing the most effective and efficient methods in providing quality police services. Members of the Monroe Police Department will be leaders in initiating and maintaining positive relationships with neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and other members of our community. These community bonds will form a medium where public safety concerns can be anticipated and addressed.

Core Values
We provide quality, professional service to every citizen we contact.

We are here to respond to the needs of our community. In doing so, we will assure that we are responsive to all requests for our service.

The integrity of the Monroe Police Department is reflective of each member of our organization and we must be mindful of this responsibility at all times.

Our goal is to ensure that the community is safe for all those who live and work in the City of Monroe as well as all those who visit and travel through our City.

We will provide quality, professional Service while being Responsive to the needs of our community. We will do this with Integrity and assure that all citizens have a sense of Safety. In doing so we will be recognized as the Professional organization we strive to be.

Quentin D. Holmes, Sr.
Chief of Police