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The Identification/Records Bureau of Monroe Police Department is commanded by Major Don Bartley comprised of twenty seven employees consisting of sworn police officers, clerks, booking officers and civilian personnel.

This bureau is not only responsible for all identification and record keeping but also several other vital areas of the department including personnel, payroll, purchasing, booking, building and fleet maintenance, crime scene investigators, and the telephone reporting unit.

• ID/Records personnel enter approximately 30,000 incident and supplemental reports, 3,000 accident reports and 15,000 traffic tickets submitted annually by officers into the system database. Employees in this division also retrieve reports for the public, provide fingerprinting service for citizens, conduct background checks, image all official documents and process funeral escorts.

• The employees assigned to Personnel and Payroll are responsible for maintaining all MPD personnel files, submission of payroll to City Hall, and tracking all departmental purchasing. The personnel employee processes the monies generated by false alarms, bond assessment fees and the copying of documents. The payroll employee handles incoming grant funds and accounts that require re-imbursement money to the police department.

• The Booking Office is responsible for processing all arrests by MPD officers, keeping track of inmates sentencing and jail time, processing the bonding of inmates, and tracking inmate housing costs. During the 2009 fiscal year, the employees in this division were responsible for documenting the required information on more than 8,300 arrested individuals and an inmate housing cost of more than $625,000

• The Crime Scene Investigators document the crime scene, collect evidence, processes some items collected and forwards other items to the necessary labs for processing. They also conduct background checks as well as process expungements and alcohol permits.

• The Building Maintenance employees keep the police department buildings and grounds clean and in working order while the Fleet Maintenance employee oversees the upkeep of more than 200 vehicles owned by MPD.

• The Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU) employees take minor complaints from citizens, such as thefts and damage to property, and conduct follow up calls to victims. This is a valuable asset to both the agency and victims due to the efficient and effective manner in which minor, non-violent incidents can be reported. In 2009, TRU filed 3,956 incidents reported by citizens. They also conduct surveys with victims to obtain information regarding the performance of MPD employees.

The Identification/Records Bureau is vital to the day to day operations of the Monroe Police Department and is at the very center of a well run agency.